26 companies
are members of the Association of Ecologically Responsible Timbermen (GFTN-Russia)
2nd world’s place
Russia takes the 2nd world’s place in surface area of FSC-certified forests (31 million hectares); this result was achieved in the course of 12 years work of GFTN-Russia
16 regions
are involved in GFTN-Russia work
85% of commercial paper pulp
in the country is FSC-certified and is produced by member-companies of GFTN-Russia 
70% of all the newsprint –
Russia produces 70% of FSC-certified newsprint
40% of all the text-weight paper
is FSC-certified in the country; that is one of GFTN’s most prominent achievements

About GFTN - How it Works

About the Association

Association of Ecologically Responsible Timbermen was established under the umbrella of WWF-Russia in 1999. At that time it united 13 companies which agreed to support development of ecologically and socially responsible business and voluntary forest certification in Russia.

In 2003 the Association was reorganized: there were developed membership demands, methods of estimating companies whether they meet these demands, the procedure of companies’ acceptance and following monitoring of their activity. General meetings of the Association members have been held annually.

In 2005 all the documents of the Association were brought into accordance with the demands of Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN) which comprise it.

At present the Association includes 26 companies. They account for 67% of Russian export of pulp and paper products, 21% of fibreboards, 15% of lumber, 8% of moulded timber, etc. The Association members export a great deal of products in a number of regions: 72% in the Arkhangelsk Region, 40% in the Irkutsk Region, 36% in Primorski Krai, 23% in Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Strategic aim of the Association

Strategic aim of the Association is to contribute to responsible, socially oriented and economically healthy forest management; it will allow preserving natural inheritance of Russia for the next generations.

The Association members think that implementing ecological policy and voluntary forest certification helps to improve image of the companies, to enhance their competitive ability and to access much better to investment resources as well meet the interests of nature protection, biodiversity preservation and forest regeneration.

Goals of the Association:

  • to contribute to the development of sustainable forest management in the country and to the implementation of voluntary forest certification
  • to help promoting goods and services of association-members to the international market of certified forest products by developing contacts with GFTN members
  • to help improving attractiveness of Association-members for foreign investors
  • to raise educational level of the staff in the field of sustainable forest management and forest certification

Association of Ecologically Responsible Timbermen in Russia (GFTN Russia) is a part of Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN)

From the time of its establishment the Association is a part of Global Forest and Trade Network. GFTN was founded upon an initiative of WWF International in order to resist illegal cuttings and to improve forest management in high conservation value forests. Helping to develop business relations among member-companies, GFTN contributes to forming market conditions that will assist in preserving forests in the world, making at the same time economic and social benefits not only for business but also for companies’ staff and for the local population. GFTN considers the system of voluntary forest certification as the key method of the problem solution.

26 national and regional (uniting several countries) GFTN organizations function at present; their members are more than 470 companies in 37 countries of the world, both producers and consumers of forest products.

The head of the Association: Aleksandr Voropaev (avoropaev@wwf.ru)

The head’s assistant: Aleksandr Kostenko (akostenko@wwf.ru)

Representative of the Association in Siberia: Aleksandr Brukhanov (Krasnoyarsk) (abrukhanov@wwf.ru)