FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international organization that developed a system of confirmation of ecologically and socially responsible forest management. FSC label on timber or on goods made of it means that the products originate from a forest with ecologically and socially responsible forestry.

FSC certificate is given by an independent auditor on the ground of strict annual check in the place of timber harvesting. It is an accepted quality label of wood and paper-based products in 109 countries. All in all more than 168 million hectares of forests are certified in the world; and over 24 thousand certificates on supply chains are given, they allow placing FSC-certified wood and paper-based products on the market.

Demand on certified timber persuaded many Russian exporting companies to obtain FSC-certification. Currently more than 33 million hectares of forests are certified in Russia. The state as well ecologically and socially responsible business have been interested in use of “green” products since recently.

In our country WWF-Russia in partnership with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has started working in promotion of certified forest products on the market; it will facilitate to develop ecologically sensitive market of forest products. As a result of this work, a growing number of Russian inhabitants learns about forest certification availability and has an opportunity to make sure whether wood products they buy are legal.