High conservation value forests

The pieces that cannot be lost

About WWF Forest Program

The program is focused on forest preservation on the ground of its protection, sustainable management and reforestation where it is needed.

Russian WWF Forest program is a part of the global international WWF Forest Program.

The goals of Russian WWF Forest Program are:

To preserve
biological diversity and to maintain high conservation value forests (HCVF)
To carry
out forest climatic projects
To promote

About the Magazine “Sustainable Forestry”

The magazine is published within the framework of the Russian WWF Forest program four times a year and covers the questions of sustainable forest management, forest policy and law, ecologically responsible forest business development, forest protection and extremely valuable forest areas preservation, Russian forest industry history.

The magazine is oriented on forestry and forest business employees, scientists, trade union officials, environmental organizations members as well as on those who are interested in the future of Russian forests.

Starting with the issue 1(23) in 2010 the magazine is FSC-certified.

The magazine is published free of charge three times a year.

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If you want to subscribe for the magazine please apply to Nikolay Shmatkov, editor in chief: nshmatkov@wwf.ru