Forest is my Choice! Documentary by WWF Russia

In December 2012 WWF Russia released the documentary about forests and forest professions. The film tells about young people choosing forest as the field for their professional activities and about modern forestry professions and trends of forest sector development, such as voluntary forest certification, multiple use of forests, preservation of biodiversity in industrial forests.

The documentary tells about the journey of Artyom Tishkov, the first year student of the Moscow State Forest University across the country with WWF experts and his visits to some key forest sector companies.

The main hero of the documentary, as many other students of forest universities, is aware of importance of forestry professions. However at some point he becomes not so sure that the forest will be the focus of his professional growth in future because of the wide spread opinion on instability, lack of social benefits, and low salaries in the forest sector. The best forest experts in the country and leading enterprises are ready to welcome Artyom and discuss challenges and opportunities for the forest sector as a place to work at.

What does a modern forest manager do and how does he (she) look like? What will Artyom choose for himself?  

Learn more about the film producing from the page of Georgy Molodzov,  stage producer of the documentary.

The documentary was developed under support of the WWF-IKEA Partnership on Forests.


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Премьера фильма в кинотеатре 35ММ