Russian WWF Forest Program has its priority activities in the northwest of Russia, Siberia and Far East in the framework of the following projects:

WWF-IKEA partnership (IV phase: 2011-2014) – “Supporting sustainable forestry in Russia through a multi-stakeholder approach involving state, business and education”
Region: northwest of Russia, Siberia

WWF-IKEA partnership (III phase: 2008-2011) – “Supporting sustainable forestry and curbing illegal logging in Russia”
Region: northwest of Russia, Siberia

Sustainable forestry in the northwest of Russia as exemplified in the “Pskov Model Forest Project” (II phase: 2004-2008)
Region: northwest of Russia

Improving forest law enforcement and governance in the European neighbourhood policy of Eastern countries and Russia (ENP FLEG), 2009-2012

Supporting the development of Ecologically Responsible Timbermen Association (Russian GFTN) and improving forest management among member-companies (USAID project) (2009-2011)
Region: Russia

Protection of the Europe’s largest intact forest massive in the watershed of North Dvina and Pinega (2007-2008)
Region: the Arkhangelsk Region

Demonstrational scientific project on forest conservation and improved harvesting techniques (2007-2009)
Region: the Arkhangelsk Region

Intensified and sustainable forest management in Russia (2010-2013)
Region: northwest of Russia, Siberia, Far East