The small grants programme for protected areas “Nature Reserves and National Parks of Russia” was launched in 1999. Initially, the programme was supposed to promote interesting projects in different spheres of PAs work given inadequate government funding. Now programme’s priority is development of PAs conservation activities beyond budgetary financing.

PAs conservation activities include a set of measures targeted at maintaining of populations of rare species, protection of their key habitats, fire protection, control over keeping of PAs’ regime etc.

At present Russian system of national-level protected areas is represented by 102 strict nature reserves, 43 national parks, 71 nature sanctuaries and 28 natural monuments. Only strict nature reserves and national parks have their own staff and office buildings.

The programme “Nature Reserves and National Parks of Russia” exists thanks to active support from Russian business. The partner general of the programme is Toyota Motor company. Besides, every year the programme is supported by companies BAT Russia, M. Video, the Publishing House Sanoma Independent Media, Tetra Pak and Coca-Cola. In 2012 Amway company became an exclusive partner of the programme “Strict nature reserves and national parks of Russia”; KPMG and KROK companies also supported the programme. Financial resources received from donors get distributed on a competitive basis among nature reserves and national parks applyed for a grant. Grants get distributed according to independent experts’ assesments and that creates equal conditions for all PAs taking part in the competition. Grantees give detailed reports on funds they spent and results they achieved.

We hope that demand and support for the programme will increase every year and that nature reserves and national parks will get more and more opportunities to implement important conservation projects.