Welcome to the conference

WWF and Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO) are holding a conference “Sustainable use of biological resources of the Russian seas: challenges and perspectives”

Dates: 16-17 May 2012

Location: Sochi, Russia.

Invitations to participate are addressed to representatives from fisheries and academic research institutions and organisations, state fisheries management authorities, associations of fishermen, and fisheries industry enterprises.

Proposed issues to be discussed at the Conference:

  1. Multi-species fisheries as alternative to mono-specific fishing operations;
  2. Ecosystem approach to fishery management and the opportunities to apply it in practice;
  3. Fish products chain of custody and tracing the origin of fish as the current trend and the modern market requirement;
  4. Spatial planning as one of the elements to protect reproduction sites of marine biological resources and the basis for long-term fisheries sustainability;
  5. Up-to-date processing as the effective mechanism for wise use and conservation of marine biological resources;
  6. Climate change and large marine ecosystems dynamics.

Please confirm in written your participation in the Conference before 1 April 2012, by sending a fax to VNIRO at the number +7-499-264-91-87 (for attention of Mr. O.Bulatov or Mr. V.Bizikov).

Please specify in the fax

  • your full name,
  • position and titles
  • full name of the organisation you represent
  • Phone & fax
  • E-mail contacts
  • and the title of your talk / presentation.

More detailed information on the Conference could be obtained from
Mr. Oleg Bulatov, phone +7-499-264-87-83, e-mail: obulatov@vniro.ru
Mr. Vyacheslav Bizikov, phone +7-499-264-89-92, e-mail: bizikov@vniro.ru.