We are against drift-net fishing

Drift-net fishing is carried out in the Far East on an industrial scale for many years under various pretexts.

WWF calls constantly and consistently for compliance with international law with regard to large-scale drift-net fishing of Pacific salmon in the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation.

It is absolutely necessary step for the preservation of living resources and for the economy of the Pacific coast of Russia at the same time.

The collection of the signatures for a ban with drift-nets is expended in Kamchatka and all over Russia. Russian citizens apply to the President, the Government, members of the State Parliament (Duma) of the Russian Federation to ban drift-net fishing for Pacific salmon in the executive economic zone of Russia.

WWF call you to support this initiative and put your signature in support of the ban of this fishery!


 Drift-net fishing (from the English word “drift”) is the fishing by floating nets drifnets. Drift-nets are called “walls of death”. Its width is 30 meters, height is 12 meters. They make up for many kilometers orders together. The nets are set on migration ways of tuna, salmon, whales and other migratory animals. Fish juveniles get wounds and die, passing through cells of drift-nets. Birds and marine mammals die too.

Drift-net fishing is harmful not only to the Ocean, but also to people.

They prevent the fish migration from the Ocean to the coast where fishermen are fishing by fishtraps.

The struggle over the drift-nets is not calm down. The coastal fishermen fishing salmon by fish trapsand NGOs are on one side of the barricades. The lobby of ocean salmon fishing drift-nets is on the other side.

In January 2009 the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian Fishery Agency, the Ministry of Natural Resources and other agencies to prepare proposals to stop the use of drift nets. The Ministry of Natural Resources and even the Border guard opposed actively these barbarian fishing gears. Some limitations to this type of fishing were imposed.

Nevertheless, the Government signed recently a decree on holding of auctions for the allocation of quotas on Russian commercial salmon fishing in executive economic zone of Russia for 10 years. This means that salmon drift-netinng continues. The Government showed its inconsistency one again.

WWF calls: Say NO to «wall of death»!

Drift –nets called “wall of death” not without reason. These multi-kilometers devices, that are set in the Ocean, block the migration routes of salmon from the Ocean to the rivers to spawn. In addition to Pacific salmon, marine mammals: whales, dolphins, seals and sea birds, including rare species such as short tailed albatross caught in these nets and die. All this leads to violations of already shaken the ecological balance in the Ocean.

The fishermen of Kamchatka catch salmon near the shore with fishtraps - more “environmentally friendly” gear than the drift-nets which cause revolt and prevent salmon migrations to rivers. The fishermen fear very reasonable to left without fish and therefore – without livelihood.

Konstantin Zgurovsky,

Head of WWF Russia Marine Programme

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