• To establish a global system to preserve
    and restore tiger in the borders of its historical range;
  • To mobilize the World public opinion in favor of Tigers;


The issues related to tiger conservation, including sustainable financing mechanisms, international mechanism for coordinating efforts to conserve tigers and others were discussed within the framework of the Forum.

As a result of the Forum a set of the important documents as the Global Tiger Recovery Program and the Declaration of Heads of Governments were adopted.

The briefing of the Ministers of environment, press conference with participation of Heads of Governments and Ministers of environment, teleconference between the Heads of the Governments, taking part in the Forum in St.-Petersburg and participants of the Youth Summit in Vladivostok, a concert «For a tiger!» were held during the Forum.

Youth Tiger Forum

Delegates from 13 tiger-range countries came to the Amur tiger native land to attract public attention and engage their support to save the world’s wild tiger population. Group YTS (now involves 133 members) is created on FB social network for exchange of information and for coordination of plans of Tiger Youth Movement. Video-bridge with the Heads of Government participating in the International Forum on Tiger Conservation in St. Petersburg became the climax of the event.

On November 19, a Ceremonial opening of the «Tiger Trail» took place in Vladivostok. The Trail consisting of specially manufactured granite stones with embedded tiger prints and name of each of 13 tiger range countries was laid by the delegates of International Youth Tiger Forum in cooperation with the Primorskii Province Administration. One of most popular newspaper in the Russian Far East, Komsomolskaya Pravda, included the Trail into the list of the most remarkable for Primorye events of 2010.