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The overall goal of the project is to develop, practice and implement mechanisms for the sustainable development of a network of protected areas in the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion, for the benefit of nature conservation (including some flagship species in particular) and sustainable socio-economic development.

The main goals of the WWF Altai-Sayan project are:

  • Creation of the representative network of protected areas (the Econet)
  • Support of the protected areas and raising the effectiveness of their work through the experience exchanges, trainings for PA staff, assistance in the development of sustainable financing strategies etc.
  • Development of the ecological tourism and other economic initiatives directed to the sustainable progress of the region
  • Support of the anti-poaching brigades
  • Trainings for the Custom and Border Service staff to raise their level of awareness of illegal wildlife trade
  • Legislation improvement
  • Public ecological awareness campaigns