© WWF Russia / Ivan Tabakaev

The Altai-Sayan Ecoregion is one of the last on Earth where nature is not still damaged by the destructive attack of civilization. That’s why WWF launched its projects here in 1998. Conservation and rational use of unique nature of the Ecoregion, its sustainable development are the main goals of the WWF Altai-Sayan project.


  • The Government of Tuva Republic approved the initiative to create 20 (!) new protected areas with total space of over 1,5 millions of hectares.
  • Three new protected areas were established in Krasnoyarsk region: biological reserve “Tohtai”, complex reserve “Gagulskaya kotlovina”, nature site “The Monastyrskoe Lake”.
  • New WWF project – “Protected areas for a living planet!” – started in the Altai-Sayan. It is directed to the support of the existing protected areas and to the search of ways of cooperation between PAs and local communities.
  • WWF Russia financed building of the first mobile visit-center in the Altaiski State Nature Reserve. The construction was built in the form of traditional Altai ail. Such choice is not occasional – besides nature it is important to preserve the original culture of indigenous people and to hand it over to the young people.