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Water resources

The mountain areas of the region give life to 2 of 10 world’s largest rivers – the Ob’ and the Yenisei with total watershed of over 5.5 millions of square km. The sources of the Ob’ and the Yenisei are located on the territory of Russia, the source of the Upper Irtysh (the biggest Ob’ tributary) – in China and Kazakhstan. In a whole there are more than 80 thousands of rivers in the Ecoregion. Its total length - 290 thousands of km.

The lakes are also numerous – over 27 thousands. The largest are Khuvsgul, Uvs nuur, Teletskoe lakes.

Large fresh water reserves are concentrated in the glaceries - 49 cubic km. Big glaceries are located in the Central and Southern Altai and on the ranges Katunsky, Taldurinsky, Ak-Turu, Munku-Sardyk, South and North Chuisky, Kryzin.