What is Econet?

The basis for biodiversity conservation in various types of ecosystems has always been based on the system of protected areas of different ranks. But intensive socio-economical development of the countries has led to a situation when protected areas are isolated one from another. They can’t support optimal development of the environment as a whole.

But further significant increase of the area of nature areas contradicts the goals of social-economical development of the countries.

As a result, a new concept was developed. It is now widely implemented all over the world: WEB FOR LIFE concept of Econet. It’s a system which combines protected nature areas of different status and territories with different sustainable use of nature resources.

According to the modern concept, Econet consists of three major elements:

  • core areas - usually represented by protected areas of different status
  • transit areas  or ecological corridors - areas that link core areas
  • buffer zones - areas that protect both core areas and transit areas from outside interference.

Combination of all Econet elements should guarantee long-term sustainability of ecosystem development in major ecoregions.