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Wetland econet development in Kustanai, Kazakhstan (funded by WWF and Government of Sweden and Finland).

Bukhara deer conservation and restoration in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan (initial seed funding LHI, WWF Pakistan; main funding for 7 years - WWF Netherlands),

Leopard conservation in Turkmenistan (funded by WWF and Government of the Netherlands, co-funding of WWF Switzerland), goitred gazelle reintroduction – one of the components of leopard’s habitats improvement

Conservation of Badkhyz population of Kulan (Asiatic wild ass)

Conservation of Betpakdala population of saiga antelope – Frankfurt Zoological Society

Houbara bustard population monitoring in Kazakhstan

Feasibility study – possibility of cheetah reintroduction in Turkmenistan (WWF Netherlands)

World Heritage – training for nomination’s preparation (UNESCO & WWF US)

Wildlife of Pamir – resources and recommendations for sustainable use

Influence of cotton production on freshwater resources and freshwater ecosystems of Amudaria (WWF Switzerland)

Gifts to the Earth

Rehabilitation of Tigrovaja balka riparian forests (Disney Fund – Minnesota Zoo)

Ecological education

GEF-UNEP-WWF project – ECONET Central Asia