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© WWF Russia / Tatyna Bragina
© WWF Russia / Olga Pereladova

WWF programme «Living Planet» – Gifts to the Earth exists since 1996. Governments of more then 60 countries already participated in the programme. Countries of Central Asia actively joint this programme. WWF has received letters on Gifts to the Earth from Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Tajikistan and from Turkmenistan. These letter included intentions to create new protected areas, and to undertake other important steps for rare species restoration, etc. Certificates of the “Leaders of the Living Planet” for the Ministers of the relevant ministries of the countries became an evidence of the recognition of the importance of these intentions. One of these certificates was handed to the President of Kyrgyz Republic Mr/ Askar Akaev during the World Mountain Summit in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan).

Countries of the region do not only intend to do something important – they really keep their promises: many of protected areas, which had been named in the letters on Gifts to the Earth (GttE), are already created. The first was Katon-Karagai national park in Kazakhstan (about 600 thousand ha), which completed the transboundary system of protected areas of Altai-Sayan ecoregion. Establishment of this park is officially registered as a GttE, and the ceremony of Certificate delivery took place in Astana, Kazakhstan, in July 2003.