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Centre for development and Environment (Institute of Geography , University of Berne) has received in 2001 an important grant for elaboration of Sustainable development strategy of Pamir (Tajikistan). WWF was delegated some part of this project (about 5%) to conduct wildlife survey and to develop proposal on sustainable use of wildlife resources. Two surveys of wildlife were conducted by teams of Tajik experts:

  • the first – in February –March - with the main focus on argali in preferable winter habitats of Eastern Pamir – in cooperation with Safari Club International and regional game management bodies of Gorno-Badakhshan autonomous oblast ;
  • the second – in May 2002 – covering practically all the area of Eastern Pamir and wide variety of species. It was organized and accomplished by WWF together with the Ministry of nature conservation of Tajikistan, 16 teams of experts participated in the census simultaneously.

A detailed review was prepared, all data was compared and analysed - creating a base for strategic proposals on sustainable use of biodiversity and wildlife of Pamir. All data were included in the final project report (link –text-maps) which was used a base for the corresponding chapter of the final report of the main project.