Amur tiger cub
© WWF-Russia / Viktor Zhivotchenko
Amur tiger cub

Rare species. Priorities in conservation

Biodiversity conservation is one of WWF’s priorities. Rare species conservation program, in its turn, is a crucial one. Its main purpose in the Russian Far East is to save the Far Eastern leopard from extinction and protect the Amur tiger, the Oriental white stork, and their habitats.

These species are considered as Flag. They help to provide shelter and conservation of other species, inhabiting Far Eastern region: ungulates, ginseng, grey whales, hazel grouse, eagle owls, etc.

WWF began its activities in the Russian Far East in 1994 starting an Amur tiger conservation project. Today this project is still among key directions of WWF work in the Russian Far East. Tiger’s fate has drawn the worldwide attention and these are “tiger” projects, which helped to appreciate wealth of the Far Eastern region and identify its threats.

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