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At the North-Western part of the Ecoregion stretch the endless tundra of Chukotka with costal type ecosystems and ice floes of the Arctic. This part of the planet is very vulnerable to every slight climate change and every bit of human activity. Wrangel Island is the first territory of the Russian Arctic along with its surrounding waters was added to UNESCO's World Heritage List. In 1976 a nature reserve was established here for the purpose of conserving the unique natural system of the island and the surrounding waters out to five nautical miles. Several decades later the boarders of the reserve were expanded out to 24 nautical miles. Today it occupies totally more than two million hectares. Wrangel Island has the largest walrus rookery in the Arctic – about 70 000 of specimen. The largest bird colony on the Chuckotka seashore is also situated on Wrangel Island.