In spring of 2008 the Program “The Reserves and National Parks of Russia” of WWF of Russia announced the 10th Contest of Small Grants.

The subject of this contest was as follows: “Efficient Visit Centers. New Approaches and Non-Routine Decisions”. The Kronotsky Reserve with the Project “The Window to the Reserve World” also was amongst five winners of this contest.

The Web Cam was installed in the Geyser Valley within the framework of the Project. Due to the possibility of remote resetting of the camera on various objects, at different times its’ coverage embraces the unique geyser complex “Vitrazh”, geysers “Bolshoi”, “Velican” etc.

The images from the Web Cam can be found at WWF and Kronotsky Reserve websites.

As a result of the famous natural disaster of June 2007, a part of tourist infrastructure of the Geyser Valley was ruined (the bridge across the Geysernaya River in particular). Due to implementation of the Project “The Window to the Reserve World”, those parts of the Valley which were “cut off” from the tourist route by the lake formed after the mudflow of June 2007 became again accessible for monitoring.

Now people of the whole world, not depending on the type of activities, age or health status, have the possibility to look right into the wildlife heart.

What Does the Camera Shoot

Before 11a.m. the camera shoots the Podprudnoye Lake in the place where the Bolshoi Geyser is hidden right under the surface. Then it automatically turns to Vitrazh Complex.

Depending on availability of electric power, it can happen that only one angle is being shot during a day.

Technical Aspects of the Camera Operation

There is no electric power in the Geyser Valley. The camera and the software providing picture transfer to our website receive power only from the diesel generator started for connection between the Valley and “civilization”. Permanent operation of the generator is not possible due to expensiveness of fuel which can be brought to the Valley only by helicopter.

Pictures and video are automatically processed, compressed and transferred to this page due to support of our partner - Helios Net.

It is possible to perform fine tuning of the shooting parameters directly from WWF office in Moscow, but these works are strongly complicated by 9-hour time difference with Kamchatka.

We are constantly working to achieve that the result of the camera operation rejoices the viewers as much as possible.

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