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WWF representative joins a Public Council in Kamchatka

A representative of the Kamchatka Ecoregional Office of WWF-Russia became a member of a Public Council under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Sergey Korostelev plans to highlight environmental issues important for the region during the following meetings of the Council. The most debated topics are a public responsibility of mining companies and development of the system of protected areas.

The Public Council was created in 2013. According to the Federal Legislation, a new deliberative assembly was needed to engage the public in participation in state administration and establishing control over executive authorities. Official documents state that the Council members must be re-elected every three years.

The new assembly co-opted eight members. The representatives of non-government organizations and independent experts, who have experience and are proficient in environment conservation, are among them.

“The Public Council is the only option for ordinary citizens to take action on environmental issues, to solve problems of protected areas’ administrations, to arrange and conduct a public assessment of the work of the Ministry. Although the Council is an advisory body, on the one hand, it gives the administration a feedback, and on the other, it lets people know what the Ministry is doing to solve sensitive issues”, says Sergey Korostelev, the Marine Program Coordinator of WWF-Russia Kamchatka Ecoregional office.

The former members of the Council also participated in the work of a number of commissions, which arranged auctions selling licenses for mineral resource extraction, conducted appraisals of the Ministry officers and job candidates.

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