Russian environmental NGOs published an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

The reason for the appeal is the detention of the Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise vessel. It has been signed by over 40 heads of NGOs and activists, including WWF-Russia CEO Igor Chestin.

Text of the appeal:

The Border Guard of Federal Security Service of Russia detained Greenpeace's Arctic Sunrise vessel, in international waters, but that form part of the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation. Currently the vessel is being convoyed to the port of Murmansk.

The purpose of Arctic Sunrise trip was to attract the public opinion to the unacceptability of environmentally unsound projects on oil and gas extraction in the Arctic, including the project of Gazpromneft SHELF Company at Prirazlomnoye Field. It has to be noted that Gazpromneft SHELF, whose project was strongly criticized by leading Russian experts on safety of oil and gas development in 2012, failed to keep its promise to engage the civil society in the dialogue and make the project documentation available for public scrutiny.

Detention of environmental activists looks especially cynical in the Russia’s Year of Environmental Protection and shortly before the International Arctic Forum in the Russian city of Salekhard, which is supposed to be dedicated this year to the environmental security in the Arctic.

Taking into account the high public significance of environmental safety in the Arctic and the exclusively peaceful nature of activists’ actions, Russian environmental NGOs call on you to release the crew and activists onboard.

The text in Russian and list of NGOs that signed the appeal can be found on WWF-Russia website:

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