A Cage-Trap Set for Tiger Discovered in the “Akvaresursy” Hunting Estate.

In Primorye, in the estates’ territory a cage-trap set for catching the Amur tiger was found. WWF is concerned about the fact that a successful hunting estate allows tiger hunting.

On February 25, in the night time policemen and the “Tiger” Inspection rangers went to the field to check the information about the cage-trap installed in the estate’s territory.

According to Oleg Grinenko from the “Tiger” Inspection, in two vehicles stopped in the estate’s area parts of a metal cage ware found; the cage was disassembled very urgently by the estate’s employers. As it turned out they had portable radios tuned in to the police radio waves. Therefore, upon receiving the information about the coming police they tried to hide the evidences and to remove the cage from the estate’s territory.

The cage-trap with 25 mm bars in diameter and a small cage inside for a dog (as bait) proved the poaching intentions of its owners. In case of a “lucky” hunt such a trap becomes a true torture chamber for a tiger: trying to escape an animal breaks fangs, nails, and injures its head, forelegs.

“It is shocking that in the time of ongoing reforming in nature protection, users of game resources become poachers themselves. All clues prove the fact that it is practically impossible to mount such a cage in any hunting estate territory without permission of estate’s head, - comments Pavel Fomenko, biodiversity conservation program coordinator at the Amur branch of WWF Russia. – According to the tiger monitoring program, in 2006 in the Ussuriiskii state nature reserve which borders with the “Akvaresursy” hunting estate 10 tigers lived and in 2007 – only 5. It could be a result of the estate’s staff poaching.”

Investigation authorities are to find out who has set the cage-trap for tiger in the hunting estate.

For additional information please contact

Pavel Fomenko, Projects Coordinator (WWF Russia Far-Eastern Branch),
tel/fax: +7 (4232) 41-48-68, e-mail
Elena Starostina, Press-officer (WWF Russia Far - Eastern Branch),
tel/fax: +7 (4232) 41-48-68, e-mail

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