Security service arrested supporters of eco-friendly 2014 Olympics in Sochi

Today at an official boxwood-planting event near Sochi, Russian Federal Security Service arrested ecologists, known for their activities against environmentally dangerous Olympic projects.


The state must not use security forces to deal with those who are trying to protect unique nature of Caucasus, says WWF.

The arrest on charges of violation of frontier regime was made in Sochi national park during a boxwood-planting event organized by Russian Railways. Although the event included a large number of participants, the charge was made only against members of Ecological Watch for Northern Caucasus – Andrey Rudomakha, Suren Gazaryan, and Alik Le, as well as professor of Valery Akatov, and a German journalist.

The fact that many Olympic facilities are located in the frontier zone contradicts the atmosphere of the Olympic games, which require easy public access to all facilities, including access for environmental control. We witness a situation when the state is beginning to use security forces to deal with people that protect the unique nature of the Caucasus”, says Igor Chestin, WWF-Russia CEO.

At the same time, the law enforcement authorities are shamelessly indifferent to environmental crimes that take place during preparation to the Olympic Games”, says Igor Chestin.

Earlier this year, in August, Andrey Rudomakha and Suren Gazaryan were arrested for attempt to stop illegal logging of endangered trees for the construction of a combined road and railway route from Adler to Krasnaya Polyana, the location of many Olympic facilities.

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