Russia and neighboring countries: environmental, economic and social impacts of climate change

Russia and neighboring countries: environmental, economic and social impacts of climate change. WWF-Russia, Oxfam, Moscow: 2008, 64 p.

The report may be of interest for wide readership concerned about problems of climate change, social, economic and environmental issues. The report summarises the main facts concerning climate change as well as causes and consequences of its observable effects. It focuses on the consequences of climate change for the nature and people in Russia. However, the specificity of the report is that it also considers the situation in neighboring countries of central Asia, Mongolia and Northern China where the climate change and its consequences are expected to be so strong that they will inevitably affect Russia. Authors pay special attention to social and economic problems which may be caused or substantially increased by the climate change, e.g., lack of drinking water and the spread of diseases.

The report is called on to demonstrate that the climate change has already been causing negative impact on Russia and neighbouring countries while the future prognosis is rather unfavourable. Only if urgent measures are undertaken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and assistance to the most vulnerable groups of population and environment is provided so that they could adapt to the new conditions, the catastrophic consequences of climate change can be avoided.

Oxfam runs joint operation with other organisations and private individuals to overcome poverty and lessen the people’s suffering. Oxfam GB made the decision to support this work as the element of the whole activity to achieve the set objective. WWF set itself as a goal to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment to achieve the harmony between human being and nature. If there is no direct reference to the position of Oxfam GB or WWF-Russia the views and opinions given in one or another sections of this report belong exclusively to the authors, and neither they or the report in the whole necessarily reflect the position of Oxfam GB or WWF-Russia.

The given report was made by Oxfam GB and WWF-Russia. The publication of the report in big size of print run became possible thanks to the support of British embassy to Russia.

Released at July 2008

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