Brief Timber Guide. Reference Book for Customs Officers

Brief Timber Guide. Reference Book for Customs Officers / WWF-Russia; S.N. Lyapustin and others; edited by N.M. Shmatkov, A.V. Belyakova. – Moscow, 2010. – 76 p. In Russian

The reference book describes methods how to define volume, weight and quality of round timber, lumber and pulpwood; offers basic requirements on standards; describes main physical and mechanic properties of wood species growing within the territory of the Russian Federation and most often crossing customs border.


S.N. Lyapustin, candidate of historical sciences, lecturer of chair of customs clearance organization and equipment in Vladivostok affiliated branch of Russian Customs Academy;

P.V. Phomenko, coordinator of WWF-Russia Far East biodiversity preservation program.

Released at August 2010

Russian version is available


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