Establishment of a forest nursery and technology of growing of planting stock

Establishment of a forest nursery and technology of  growing  of planting stock.  In Russian

The publication includes materials of the on establishment of a forest nursery and technology of  growing  of planting  stock in theconditions of southern regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Methodological manual prepared with the support of WWF Project funded by MFA Norway “Biodiversity Preservation and Integrated River Basin Development in the Syrdaria River Valley of Kazakhstan” aiming on  inserting planting of rare and endangered species of trees and brushes  into practical work on forest restoration – using species in their typical natural habitats. Methodological manual includes data on seeds preparation (e.g. special proceeding of seeds of wild fruit trees), preparation of beds, seeding, taking care of planted seeds,   measures against various diseases and pests. The second section is devoted to taking care of samplings: planting young trees in nature, taking care, providing water and fertilizers, measures against various diseases and pests, forming the tree, etc. Can be of interest for foresters, people interested and practically involved in nature conservation.

Released at July 2009

Russian version is available


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