Small Grant Programme (WWF/SGP) Capacity building, civil society support

Small Grant Programme (WWF/SGP) Capacity building, civil society support. In Russian

Small Grant Programme  (SGP) was initiated and implemented in the frame of WWF Projects funded by MFA Norway “Biodiversity Preservation and Integrated River Basin Development in the Syrdaria River Valley of Kazakhstan”  in Turkestanskii region.  The publication presents sustainable models of nature resources use  implemented with the goal of combining nature conservation goals and economical development of local communities. Those models were used for  defining thematic problems for SGP contest.  Approaches for the contest organization presented, subject matters of SGP, rules for SG application’s preparation, procedure of progect’s evaluation and defining the SGP winners. All submitted projects are briefly presented, as well as results of the competition and  descriptions of funded projects; system of SGP management and  project result’s regular monitoring described and results of  monitoring presented. Three new  NGO were established with the support of the project in Turkestanskii region – and forms of the NGO support described in the publication, as well as results of their development and on-going activities.  The publication can be used as an information materials, as well as the base for replication of the experience in other regions (Kazakhstan, Central Asia).  


Released at March 2012

Russian version is available


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