WWF friends – Kids Clubs - Capacity building, civil society support

WWF friends – Kids Clubs - Capacity building, civil society support. In Russian

In the frame of WWF Projects funded by MFA Norway “Biodiversity Preservation and Integrated River Basin Development in the Syrdaria River Valley of Kazakhstan”  in Turkestanskii region  an complex of various activities was implemented aimed on  awareness raising, capacity building, civil society support. During the period of  2007 - 2012  series of trainings and special actions were conducted for managers, business society, administration of different level,  local communities, NGOs, scientists, mass-media, women groups, youth, etc. Special attention during the trainings was devoted to special importance and implemented measures for flagshipspecies conservation (Bukhara deer and Karatau argali), restoration of natural ecosystems (mountain and riparian forests), sustainable nature resources use.  Special activities were devoted to establishment of Kids clubs – “WWF Friends” and new ecological NGOs. Some of developed training modules presented in the publication, as well as principles and format of  kids’s clubs development, forms of their activities, formats of various trainings and actions.  The publication can be used as an information materials, as well as the base for replication of the experience in other regions (Kazakhstan, Central Asia).  

Released at March 2012

Russian version is available


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