The Tigrovaya Balka Nature Reserve in the Surrounding Environment

The Tigrovaya Balka Nature Reserve in the Surrounding Environment

Publication was prepared as a set of information materials on the base of many-years researches  and special surveys of the area completed as an intermediate phase of Econet cluster management plan preparation  in the frame of WWF project funded by MFA Norway «Integrated river basin management and nature protection in the Tigrovaja Balka, Tajikistan, Amu-Daria basin». The publication includes detailed maps of the project area, prepared by the author and his team in the view of further large-scale development  of the concept and matherials of the joint Econet of the Republic of Tajikistan. This system of maps surved as a base for the development of territorial nature protection and sustainable management of an Econet cluster with a core-area – Tigrovaja balka zapovednik.  This set of map is an attachment to the Management Plan of the project area . The leaflet can be of interest for biologists, cartographers, people interested and practically involved in nature conservation.

Released at May 2012

Russian version is available

Electronic version of publication


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