METHODOLOGICAL MANUAL for ecological education of various stakeholders on careful attitude towards especially valuable nature areas

Methodological manual  for ecological education of various stakeholders on careful attitude towards especially valuable nature areas. In Russian and Tajik

Nine education centers has been established in the frame of WWF project funded by MFA Norway «Integrated river basin management and nature protection in the Tigrovaja Balka, Tajikistan, Amu-Daria basin» on the base of local ecological NGOs in the administrative districts, surrounding Tigrovaja balka reserve. The goal of education centers establishment – ecological education and capacity building for managers, business society, administration of different level,  local communities, NGOs, scientists, mass-media, women groups, youth, etc. . During the period of  2007 - 2012  series of trainings and special actions were conducted. The publication includes various training modules, developed for these trainings. Training modules are devoted to  general issues of biodiversity conservation, value of the system of protected areas as a whole, PAs of Tajikistan, and Tigrovaja balka zapovednik in particular.  Special module is devoted to international legal base for biodiversity conservation – various conventions; role of various stakeholders / layers of society in supporting favourable state of environment; regime of water-resources use and water supply – in agriculture and natural ecosystems.

An important set of training modules is devoted to practical application of best management practices – use of renewable sources of energy  and application of sustainable water-saving systems of irrigation. Schemes of biogas installations and irrigation systems are given in attachments and can be used by farmers in personal and community farms.  

Training modules can be widely used for ecological education, capacity building  and replication of the experience in other regions of Tajikistan, as well as in other countries of Central Asia.


Released at December 2011

Russian version is available


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