Sustainable management of water and soil resources in Amudaria basin

Sustainable management of water and soil resources in Amudaria basin. In Russian.

Set of materials on best management practices and sustainable nature resource use in Tajikistan, Afghanistan  and Turkmenistan.

The set of materials collected and the publication prepared in the frame of WWF project funded by MFA Norway «Integrated river basin management and nature protection in the Tigrovaja Balka, Tajikistan, Amu-Daria basin».

Information materials on best management practices (BMPs) are analyzed  as well as existing experience of their practical application and implementation, e.g. – as a component of Small Grant Programme of the main project in the Republic of Tajikistan. The authors hope, that the set of materials on the practice of BMPs implementation will allow to improve ecological situation in Amudaria basin and ecosystems of Tigrovaja balka reserve thanks to sustainable use of water resources,  and thanks to approved knowledge of local communities, that such technologies exist, need to be shared and replicated by all possible means.

The set of materials include the following descriptions and practical schemes for application:

- micro-irrigation for green houses;

- energy-efficient heaters;

- bio-humus production;

- technology of irrigation of longstanding specimen with under-crown  sprinkling;

- low pressure systems of furrow and drop irrigation;

- efficient all-year round use of water and soil resources and biological energy for agricultural production in green houses and in open ground; etc.  

Comparative analysis of application of various technologies in Afghanistan and Turkmenistan presented. Particular examples of application of some if the technologies  by small grants analyzed – SGP of the main project  in Tajikistan. 

Released at November 2011

Russian version is available


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