№1, (38) 2014

№1 (38) 2014
Forest policy in modern Russia

300 years of applied sustainability in forestry (F. Schmithusen Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

The rating of state forest management in the regions of Russian Federation in 2013 (according to 2012 data): its methods and results. (N. Shmatkov, A. Belyakoa, Russian office of WWF, A.Grigoriev, SEU, E. Fiveyskaya, NRA)

Combating illegal forest cutting: the role of European legislation and the importance of civil society (an interview with Emily Unvin, social organization ClientEarth)

Business and sustainable forest exploitation

New step on the way towards sustainable forest exploitation in Siberia (A. Bruhanov, , Russian office of WWF, E. Bubko, , Russian office of FSC, N. Shmatkov, E. Lepeshkin)

Bioenergetics as a development factor for intensive model of forest management in Republic of Komi (A. Krivoshein, Syktyvkar Forest Institute)

Forest certification

FSC global market survey report for 2012 (A.E. Paetz, J. Nierentz, E. Crumley, Ph. Guillery, J. Hontelez, FSC)

Ecological rating “Green Wood 2013”: an FSC survey for customers who prefer ecological wood products. (D. Shatilo, Russian office of FSC)

News from IUFRO

News from IUFRO

New publications

WWF online instrument for the approval of legality of wood produc


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