№1 (41) 2015

№1 (41) 2015

Forest policy in modern Russia

The analysis of the state programme “Development of forest industry” for the period 2013-2020 and recommendations for its improvement. (E. Shvartz, N. Shmatkov, K. Kobyakov, Russian office of WWF)

Using the information about forest condition for the evaluation of exercised authorities in forest industry in Russia. (A. Bobrinsky, EMPI-FLEG, E. Kuzmichev, RSA)

The 7th FSC General Assembly (E. Bubko, A. Ptichnikov, T. Yanitzkaya, Russian office of FSC)

Taking FSC to the next level (A. Van Kreveld)

Forest certification

Canadian experience in the field of sustainable forestry and forest certification (A. Kostenko, GFTN Russia)

Business and sustainable forest exploitation    

WWF project “New generation plantations”: their importance for Russia (N. Shmatkov, WWF Russia)

Intensive forestry: a duty or a recognized necessity? (the interview with participants  of intensive forestry workshop from  Ltd “International Paper”

Professional education

Public forest management: how to overcome the crisis in personnel policy? (A. Petrov, All-Russian Institute of the Continuous Education in Forestry)

News from EMPI-FLEG II

News from IUFRO

New publications

Rare forest plants in Russia. Measures for conservation. 


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