№2 (42) 2015

№2 (42) 2015
Forest policy in modern Russia
Intact forest territories in Russia: their current estate and the losses of the last 13 years ( M. Karpachevsky, D. Aksenov, E. Yesipova, N. Vladimirova, I. Danilova, non-profit partnership “Transparent world”, K. Kobyakov, WWF Russia, I. Zhuravleva, Greenpeace Russia)
Position of Russian nongovernmental environmental organizations in respect of intact forest territories
Analysis of the sustainability of forestry in case of adoption of new legislative initiatives using 100-km zone around the Segezhsky pulp and paper mill as an example ( E. Lopatin, M. Trishkin, K. Kobyakov, A. Shipilov, T. Leinonen, T. Kalalyaynen)
Evaluation of possible volumes of forest exploitation around the territory of OJSC “Segezhsky pulp and paper mill”. (A. Rodionov, A. Korosov, V. Golubev, A. Zarodov, A. Markovsky, Interregional Non-governmental Organization “Northern Environmental Coalition”)
Overview of forest policy and forest legislation of the Republic of Belarus: ensuring legality of forest exploitation, fighting against illegal logging and the black markets and monitoring forestry companies. (D. Krasovsky, Minestery of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus, V. Usrnya, )

Business and sustainable forest exploitation
Results of the survey among the CEOs in Russian forestry sector about their work under conditions of the new European forest regulation. (N. Shmatkov, A. Shchegolev, WWF Russia, O. Karavaeva, Yuriy Levada analytical center, R. Verin, NEPCon)

Professional education
Training courses for FSC consultants (A. Belyakova, WWF Russia, V. Gerasimov, LLC “Tehkarta”

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