№3 (43) 2015

№3 (43) 2015

Forest policy in modern Russia

Conceptual approaches to the creation of the national forest heritage of Russian Federation (D. Aksenov, non-profit partnership “Transparent world”, K. Kobyakov, N. Shmatkov, WWF Russia, A. Yaroshenko, Greenpeace Russia)

Analysis of compliance of current legislation with the standards of intensive forestry. (A. Serov, D. Gerasimov, E. Popova, Ltd “Tehkarta”)

Belorussian experience of economically efficient and ecologically sustainable forestry: forest reproduction, forest tending and harvesting. (V. Shtravko, Belorussian Ministry of forestry, V. Usenya, State Scientific Institution “Forest Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”)

Position of WWF Russia in respect of forest planting.

Business and sustainable forest exploitation    

Declaration of Boreal Forest Problem

Platform “New Generation Plantations” on its way to sustainable intensification (L.N. Silva, WWF International, M. May, Suzano/Futuragene)

Decision of the interregional research and production meeting “Multipurpose forestry and forest restoration in Siberian cedar forests: challenges and perspectives.”

Perfecting cutting in cedar forests. (E.Titov, honored forester of Russian Federation)

Forestry in cedar forests in the period of prohibited industrial cutting. (N. Debkov, National Research Tomsk State Institute)

Cedar museum in Zabaykalsky Krai (N. Harchenko, E. But’ko, Ministry of natural resources and industrial policy in Zabaikalsky Krai)

The seminar “Extension of the experience of multipurpose exploitation of forest resources” (N. Stashevich, N. Shmatkov, WWF Russia)

Forest certification

The results of the round table “Perfecting management practices for the forests of high conservation value in Krasnoyarsk region” (A.Bruhanov, WWF Russia, E. Bubko, FSC Russia)

News from EMPI-FLEG II

News from IUFRO

New publications

Intact forest territories in Russia: current estate and losses of the last 13 years


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