№4 (48) 2016

Forest policy for modern Russia

Subventions from the Federal budget for forest management: problems, solutions

Yu.Gagarin, Cand.Agr.Sc., ass.Prof., leading research worker of CFEP RAS; A.Petrov, Dr.Econ.Sc., Prof., rector of All-Russian Institute of advanced training of leading employees and specialists of forestry (VIPKLH)

Evaluation of the situation with agricultural land overgrowing with forest vegetation; Uglich district in Yaroslavl Oblast as a case study

A. Maslov, Dr. Biol. Sciences; A. Gulbe, Cand. Biol. Sc.; Ya. Gulbe, Cand. Biol. Sc.; M. Medvedeva, A. Sirin, Dr. Biol.  Sciences, Institute of forest science of RAS

Problem of illegal trade of tree and shrub species, which are not permitted to be harvested in the Caucasus Ecoregion

A.Shitov, Cand.Legal Sc., E.Cherkasova, WWF Russia


Forest and climate

Impact of climatic changes on Russian forests: recorded impacts and forecasts

D.Zamolodchikov, Dr. Biol. Sc., Moscow State University n.a.Lomonosov; G. Kraev, Cand. Geogr. Sc., CFEP RAS


Business and sustainable forest management

Interviews with the participants of the round table: 'Implementation of the European Union Timber Regulation 995/2010: lessons learned, challenges, solutions' held in Minsk


Forest certification

Viewpoint of FSC Russia Coordination Council on accounting of the requirements of Motion 65 of the FSC General Assembly in the new version of the national forest management standard


To be remembered

Modest Nikolaevich Bogdanov (in commemoration of the 175th anniversary)

M. Merzlenko, Dr.Agr.Sc., Prof., Institute of Forest Science RAS; P.Melnik, Cand.Agr.Sc, MSUF


New publications

Analysis of timber exports from the Russian Far East in 2015

Biofuel production in EU: policy, certification, sustainability criteria

Assessment of needs and opportunities of companies and review of the best practices of multipurpose forest use at the regional level in Siberia